Stay Golden


By Etheric Crumb

The Mission

Here at Etheric Crumb the mission is to share the art and beauty of Orgonite pyramids and Sacred Geometry. Handcrafted with high quality pure metalsūüŹÜand a wide variety of crystals ūüíé Every piece of Orgonite is a perfectly imperfect 1 of 1 unique creation.

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It's crystal-clear, we want to bring you Orgonite that you will love. We fulfill that vision by meticulously handcrafting Orgonite to make sure we provide you with the highest quality Orgonite at affordable prices. To learn more about Orgonite click here.

The Law of One

7 Densities of Consciousness

Our Reviews

I love this pyramid it really speaks to me but even more its the way it makes me feel. it brings all the love and warmth that I feel when I hold something old that i know someone has held and worked with at an earlier time. It truly makes me feel all that is good and important in the depth of my being. Thank you so much for it and for who you are, Love Always.