Phi-Hexagonal Pyramid

From the microcosm to the macrocosm the geometry of the hexagon shows up in infinite ways. Hexagons are the building blocks for the structure of DNA in our bodies, however it also shows up with bees building there honeycombs using the hexagonal structure because bees instinctively know it is the most efficient way to expand and fill space. Snowflake formation, bee hives, and Quartz crystals structure are other natural expressions of a hexagonal blueprint. In religious and spiritual teachings the hexagon is a common thread and a symbol of balance, creation, but also structure. Galaxy’s were discovered to use the hexagon for structure in outer space all across the cosmos. In our own solar system we discovered a storm on the poles of Saturn in a shape of... you guessed it a hexagon! But really how wild is it that a planetary storm forming into that specific shape. These hexagonal pyramids amplify the hexagonal energy intristric in nature but tuned to a harmonious phi proportioned. 

Dimensions: H 3” x base width 3.75”

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