My Story

My journey with Orgonite started with my interest in crystals and geology from a young age. I was drawn to gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires when I found a book about them in the library. I don’t know if it was the brilliant colors or the precious rarity of them but it captured my attention. Fast forward in my life I received a rock tumbler as a gift and was exposed to more common crystals that I could interact with like sodalite, tigers eye, and quartz.

My interest in crystals and stones fell away for awhile during school until it got reignited when I was older after discovering more metaphysical concepts such as chakras, sacred geometry, meditation, and frequency/vibration. I started to rediscover the stones and crystals I had when I was younger, while also adding new crystals to my ever expanding collection. I first heard of Orgonite from the YouTube channel Spirit Science in their crystals video. Around the same time I had discovered David Wilcock teaching about sacred geometry and orgone energy, along with many other interesting topics. 

Peaking my interest with the possibilities I started my own research using the wealth of knowledge on Internet forums. I discovered the Warrior Matrix forum and read through countless posts over months about gifting, device construction, coil wrapping, and the benefits of Orgonite. I absorbed all the information I could about it and decided I had to experience it for myself. The first piece I got was an “Orgonite” pyramid from Amazon. It had a lot of crystals in it but no metal so it isn’t true Orgonite, just a mass produced resin pyramid from China or India.

This led me to creating properly proportioned Orgonite myself like I had read about on the forum. I ordered my first gallon of resin, quartz, molds, and chopped up old copper wires to make my first piece of Orgonite in my garage. Initially it started out as a hobby as many passion projects do, but it started to transform into the business it is today when a crystal shop opened up in my town on Main Street. The first day I went in to search for new crystals to add to my collection the owner asked if I wrapped crystals, to which I replied yes but I mainly use them for the Orgonite that I make. That question kickstarted the reality of turning my hobby into an actual business. The owner offered me a consignment deal to which I happily accepted and started creating more Orgonite to bring to the shop to display and sell. When I brought my first pieces to the shop the owner could immediately feel the strong energy of my Orgonite compared to the mass produced pieces she already had in her shop. Over the next few years I slowly acquired a variety of different molds, crystals, and metals to improve upon my previous creations. Looking back at older pieces compared to what I can create now the difference is almost night and day. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions about Orgonite. For a custom piece email me with some details about what you would like and I will make your vision a reality. (Color, Intention, Geometry, Specific Crystals, etc...)